·         Reduced rate for the manufacturing or selling of commercial airplanes or

  their component products.

·         Exemption for construction of new buildings used in the manufacturing of 

  super-efficient airplanes.

·         Exemption for machinery and equipment used for manufacturing, research and

  development, or testing operations.

·         Reduced rate for FAR Part 145 Repair Stations

·         Credit for certain pre-production development expenditures

·         Low Business & Occupational tax rate for the manufacturing of goods

·         Credit for property taxes on new buildings, renovations and machinery and


·         No Corporate or Personal Income tax in Washington State

·         Exemption for computer hardware and software

·         Sales & Use tax exemption for construction of new buildings used in the

  manufacturing of super-efficient airplanes

·         Hiring and customized training programs offered by local educational

  institutions for little or no cost

·         Sales & Use deferrals and exemptions on new equipment and construction

  costs for new or remodeled buildings (Community Empowerment Zone)

·         Foreign Trade Zone #224 encompasses 5,300 acres within the Spokane Region