2018 Aerospace Competitive Economics Study

Washington State Ranked #1 for Aerospace Manufacturing
Washington State is the most competitive state in the U.S. for aerospace manufacturing according to the 2018 Aerospace Competitive Economics Study released June 6, 2018 by Choose Washington NMA Council, IAM 751 and SPEEA.   

The study, prepared by renowned aerospace analysts, from Teal Group ranks 50 states and the District of Columbia on 41 metrics, measuring everything from costs and industry, to labor and education, to infrastructure and the economy, as well as R&D and taxes and incentives.  Washington outscored other states by a large margin on a weighted scoring system.  Ohio, North Carolina, Kansas and Colorado rounded out the top five. South Carolina, Boeing's southern assembly and delivery facility for the 787 Dreamliner, was ranked No. 22 on the list.

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