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PNAA's 18th Annual Aerospace Conference

02/11/2019 - 02/14/2019

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Lynnwood Convention Center
As the decade comes to a close, aerospace companies are finding themselves in unchartered territory. With both soaring production rates and the new mid-size airplane on the horizon, companies are faced with the need to perform flawlessly and to step up and meet new industry expectations – especially around cost. To ensure longevity companies must embrace both concurrently.  Productivity without affordability and affordability without productivity will not secure future contracts.

Our 2019 conference examines the latest developments in next-generation affordability and productivity that can set you apart from your peers, enabling you to step up to requirements on quality, delivery and cost while simultaneously strengthening your own capabilities and growth potential. At our interactive three-day conference you’ll get to hear from industry experts, learn from companies at the head of the pack and engage in numerous executive networking and B2B opportunities. 
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